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FIFA 17 vs FIFA 16: 7 Reasons You Should Buy FIFA 17

We’ll show you what’s new in FIFA 17 and how the FIFA 17 vs FIFA 16 comparison looks in terms of features and graphics so you know if it is worth upgrading to FIFA 17.

In addition to users asking, “What’s new in FIFA this year?” we often hear from potential buyers who think the game is nothing more than a roster update.


This year it’s clear that EA Sports is putting forth more than just a roster upgrade as the company switches to the Frostbite Engine that runs Battlefield 1 and previously powered NHL 16 and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour last year.


The FIFA 17 game is now out, so you can test out the new FIFA 17 features yourself in the full game, in an EA Access or Origin Access trial or with a free FIFA 17 demo.


We’ll walk you through the most important new FIFA 17 features and explain how they compare to FIFA 16, so that you can decide if you want to buy the new game or play FIFA 16.


What’s New in FIFA 17


FIFA 16 included a major emphasis on improving your team mates, and it was a good start, but this time around EA is improving AI and pushing boundaries with better ball control and shooting options.


In addition to a new in-game engine, FIFA 17 includes an upgraded story mode that allows you to control the destiny of a single player. Users now have more control over set pieces and new controls make it easier to shoot without airing the ball over the net or heading a cross over the top.


You can use your body to shield the ball when you are receiving a pass or trying to make some space to make a play.


Here is a breakdown of the new FIFA 17 features and how the FIFA 17 vs FIFA 16 comparison looks.


FIFA 17 Journey Game Mode


There is now a Story Mode in FIFA 17 called My Journey. You are in charge of a player who is trying to make it in the big leagues. You need to control him on and off the pitch.


Thanks to the Frostbite engine the game can render the field, the manager's office and your apartment as you try to navigate the complexities of playing on the field and making the right decisions off it.


You are Alex Hunter an up and coming player in the Premier League. You can play on any club in the league, but you cannot create your own player -- you need to control Alex.


The game will change based on your performance on the field and decisions you make off of it. This includes your career and it will influence how other characters react to you.


This mode is not in FIFA 16, and is completely new for 2016 and FIFA 17.


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