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FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Defense, Midfield, Attack

See how FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch in gameplay, delivering a balanced experience through defense, midfield, and attack. 

Whow wgow whow , EA whow stop it , in fifa 13 there was thing called criation center, if there is no in fifa 16 that would be very disappointing because you are only thinking about money, my country is not in fifa and i would love to create one but there it would be no way . please bring creation center back in fifa 16 .

I would understand a joke if it was only thing they introduced last year, but it was far from that, it didn't cost extra money or their precious time.. You are picking on them because of additionally cool feature they've added into the game. Very superficial. Would you rather ball bounces as per some kind of wall? No, so appreciate what you got.


Comment:FIFA 16 Gameplay Innovations: Defense, Midfield, Attack