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FIFA 16 - Potential 5 Star Skillers(1-5)

I know it sounds weird but Adléne Guedioura is actually a very skilful player. He hit the bar with a rabona long shot the other day and just normally pulls off a lot of skills in matches. May not deserve 5* but definitely 4*.

I believe Kevin Mirallas should be a 5* skiller. Now he isn't able to do so many skills because he plays in BPL but when he was in Olympiakos , he was doing a lot of great skills , especially elasticos :)

It was in jest Kazooie, you know we Liverpool fans demand 5 star skills for all our players even the GK and Defenders... thinking back to that glitch in Fifa 13 that gave Carroll and Jamie Carragher 5 star skills for a short while before they fixed it! ;)

Am I the only person who thinks Ronaldo should be downgraded to 4* skills? Like really, tbh he's just a poacher right now, who rarely skills, and just waits for the ball to played inside the 18. With Rafa Benitez now in charge, it looks even less likely that he'll skill, seeing that they're many rumors of Benzema leaving to Arsenal, meaning that he'd most likely play in a central role, so Real can utilize his goal scoring abilities.

Its not a skill move yeah but he should be able to perform a backwards dribble in fifa better than a 4 star skiller can because according to ea in their no touch dribbling video it seems as though the higher skill moves a player has the better they are able to use skills in their dribbling


Comment:FIFA 16 - Potential 5 Star Skillers(1-5)